Supply and Install for the following                  

 - Schools & Educational Institutions         

 - Industrial & Commercial                       

 - Mining & Resources                             

 - Domestic                                            

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Comtech Mackay CCTV is a locally owned and operated business.  We have operated out of the Mackay City Heart for over 23 years.  We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to ensure customer satisfaction.  Our client base has been extensive and includes:


-  Mackay Seaport
-  Mackay Airport
-  Mackay Show Society.
-  Mackay Water Mobile Inspection Unit.
-  Various Mackay Regional Sugar Mills.

-  Hotel CCTV Systems

-  Department of Education - Rockhampton
-  Petrol stations, caravan parks.
-  Queensland Rail and Aurizon.
-  State and Independent schools.
-  Various retail, commercial and industrial CCTV installations.

-  Various Mining - Xstrata, Glencore, BMA, Ensham, Isaac          Plains, BHP, Curragh, Thiess

-  Retirement Villages


  • CCTV Security Systems & Surveillance

  • Industrial Electronics Repairs - PCB Circuit Boards

  • Sewage Inspection Camera Units

  • Plumbers SONDE 

  • Pipe Inspection Camera Systems & Repairs

  • Farm Cams

  • Invisible IR Hunting Cams

  • State Schools - CCTV Systems

  • Rail Track Maintenance Machines - CCTV

  • Mobile Mining Equipment CCTV

  • Dragline CCTV

  • Electric and Hydraulic Mining Shovels

  • Rear Dump Truck Cameras

  • Residential Video Cameras

  • Solar Powered Motion Detect LED Flood Light

  • Visual Deterent Units